Panasonic T45 4g New Version Update without Root and Complex Ways

The Panasonic T45 4G new version update is already available for all users of this device. Luckily, we are going to show you the tutorial about how to update the new version of this device as well. The Android 6.0 Marshmallow is just in the air. It means that all Android users are able to update their phone with the new and latest stuff from the manufacturer, Google. Updating an android device to the latest version is a must for android users because they will have new interface, theme, notification bar and everything that they need. But, it is necessary for you to back up the data first before updating the T45.

About Marshmallow

As we know, the Panasonic T45 4G new version update is the latest Android 6.0, Marshmallow. Not all android users have been hand shaking with this new operating system yet. Let us take a look. Marshmallow offers many benefits or advantages for the Android users. One of the most notable one is the RAM management. For your information, the T45 only has 1 GB of RAM. It will be better for the users to use Marshmallow because the RAM management is fixed by Google. It means that the Marshmallow OS will manage the RAM better than before.

About T45

We will do the Panasonic T45 4G new version update with the over-the-air update. It means that we just need a good internet connection to make the update begin. For your information, over the air update becomes popular these days because it is easier than installing custom ROM. Moreover, this is the best way to get official update from the manufacturer, in this case Panasonic. So, you have to connect to a Wi-Fi connection or just turn on your data connection before doing the update. The default operating system of Panasonic T45 is Android OS V 5.1 Lollipop. Let us update this device below.


Without further ado, go to the setting of your phone. Then, look for about phone in the setting menu. You will see the current OS and available Panasonic T45 4G new version update. Tap on the update button and let the process begin. Make sure you have at least eighty percent of battery before doing the process. If necessary, just plug in the charger on your phone to make the process work properly. After all, it may take a half of an hour for the installation. You will your phone rebooting for coupe times but do not worry about it.


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