ROM Flash Recovery Samsung S4 Zoom Detailed Process

A lot of people think that doing the ROM Flash recovery Samsung S4 Zoom is super difficult and complicated. However, it is not always the case especially if you have a little bit of knowledge with the system.

ROM Flash Recovery Samsung S4 Zoom and Manage the Process

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. As long as you read the process thoroughly and you really follow the step-by-step carefully, doing this process should be easy. Yes, having a ROM Flash recovery Samsung S4 Zoom tweak may require more concentration and focus but it doesn’t mean that everything will be excessively hard.

ROM Flash Recovery Samsung S4 Zoom How to

There are some things you need to do before you star. The process won’t be super complicated but it doesn’t mean that you should underestimate the overall process. Before you begin anything, here are some things you need to prepare:

  • Be sure to download the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom stock ROM (the stock ROM should be different for different types, so remember about it)
  • You should download USB drivers and ODIN as well.

Now, if you have prepared them all, here are the steps to do the process:

  • Once you have downloaded and installed the USB drivers, you need to turn off your phone
  • Reboot your phone to the download mode. You can do it by pressing power key and volume down key and the home key together.


  • You should press those buttons together until you see a Samsung logo appearing
  • When the device is asking for a confirmation, you need to press Volume Up key to confirm it
  • And now that your device has been in the download mode, you need to connect the device to your computer through the USB cable
  • Open the ODIN app. It will act as the administrator
  • If everything runs successfully, you should be able to see ID:COM turn blue or yellow


  • You can choose the ROM file in PDA/AP section
  • You should tick the option for Reboot and F. Reset Time
  • Press Start and wait
  • When the flash is successful, the ID:COM section should turn green
  • Your phone will automatically reboot. Once it happens, disconnect the USB cable. Your ROM Flash recovery Samsung S4 Zoom is running successfully and you only need to enjoy the result.

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