ROM S6310 Marshmallow Updates and New Features

If you have Samsung Galaxy Young S6310, you probably want to do some ROM S6310 Marshmallow updates. The smartphone itself is pretty powerful and handy but with the updates to the Marshmallow, you can expect a better improvement and updates.

ROM S6310 Marshmallow New Features

If you have updated your Galaxy Young, you can expect improved performance and features, such as a better RAM management, new encryption system to protect important data, responsive feature, new technology and video for a better enjoyment, and so much more. Everything that has been working and operating on the device will be twice better – you can count on it.

ROM S6310 Marshmallow Update Preparation

If you are going to install the new updates with your computer, download ADB tools first and install them on the PC. Use Google’s developer site and download Android SDK and make sure that the ADB is set up properly. Keep in mind that when you find more than one options for the download, it is better to install Big Fix Update first. When you already have it, you can update to the Marshmallow later on.


ROM S6310 Marshmallow How to

When you are about to do some ROM S6310 Marshmallow updates, be sure that you really know the Android version that you are having. Are you on the latest one already? Doing so is easy. Go to the Settings and check whether it has the so-called ‘Android Version’ or ‘Software Information’.

You can scroll down and choose ‘About Phone’ (choose ‘About Tablet’ if you have a tablet). In the event you have a special tabbed setting, you should be able to find this in the section ‘General’. From this, you can see the Android version of yours.

You are probably going to need an internet connection, preferably the WiFi connectivity for the update. You can download Droid Over WiFi in case the file’s size is big. If you see the option ‘Software Update’, click on it. The device will automatically look for the available updates on its own. Once it finds the update, it will ask you whether you want to install the update or not. Click on the option ‘yes’ and the new OS will be automatically installed to your phone. If you don’t want to update it now, you can always download the Marshmallow file now and install it later. As you can see, it is not so difficult to manage the ROM S6310 Marshmallow update, is it?


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