Rom SM-G130H Marshmallow with Fastest Method that You Should Know

Choosing Rom SM-G130H Marshmallow will be very fun these days because Android users have many choices these days. One of the most modern one is CynanogenMod 13, which is made based on the original Marshmallow operating system. Unfortunately, Samsung does not seem want to support this device anymore for some reasons. They have more concerns to other models, which are more modern and fresh in the market. But, please do not worry about this because we will show you how to download and install it in your SM-G130H. Let us check and see those instructions below.

Newest Custom ROM

We have mentioned about ROM SM-G130H Marshmallow above. Perhaps, some of you still do not know about this custom ROM features. You need to know that Marshmallow is also called Android 6.0. In other words, this is the newest version of Android operating system that has been released by the developer, Google. So, it is not a question anymore about what custom ROM that you need. But, you can check the current OS of your Samsung Galaxy Young 2 on the settings and then about your phone. If it shows Android 6.0, it means that you have already got the latest operating system.

Marshmallow Features

There are some remarkable features that you can get from ROM SM-G130H Marshmallow. The battery saver is what we really need now. It can save up to 90 minutes if you install this OS on your Samsung Galaxy Young 2. Google also claims that Marshmallow has better RAM performance and smoother interface. It means that the unnecessary background apps will be stopped smartly by this OS so that it can save the battery efficiently. You can get those smart features through installing Marshmallow custom ROM. If you are curious now, let us see how to flash it into your phone below.

Installing Using Rom Manager

The fastest way installing ROM SM-G130H Marshmallow is by using ROM Manager. You can download this tool via Play Store. However, you need to root your device first before you can use it. It will break the guarantee of your phone so please take it by your own risk surely. Then, install the tool and open it on your phone. After that, you can download the Marshmallow ROM in this page too and set it on the SD card. Set the booting process in recovery mode. Turn off your phone and turn on it again. Clear all data first before you install the zip files.


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