S5360 Marshmallow Rom Simple Instructions for Beginner Android Users

To upgrade S5360 Marshmallow ROM, you have to follow our instructions in this article. As we know, the best way to update or upgrade your S5360 is by updating the operating system through custom ROM. As a result, your phone looks beautiful with new theme and appearance. Although this phone is old, the new OS will make this phone more competitive. For your information, Samsung S5360 is able to be installed with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. However, it does not support by official update anymore. In other words, you can install it through the custom ROM. If you are interested to install custom ROM, check out this article completely.


There are plenty of tools that help the installation of S5360 Marshmallow Rom. In other words, you should install those tools before installing this custom ROM. The first tool is Marshmallow custom Rom. You can download it here. Secondly, the CMW Recovery is also important. Other tools are Ext4 Formatter, MangoME and Kernel Totoro. Those files are required to increase the successful rate of the installation process.


If you have downloaded those tools, you are able to flash S5360 Marshmallow now. Please copy and paste those tools to the SD card of your phone. You also need to remember the path or location of the tools. After that, you can switch off the phone and press power key, volume up key and home key at the same time simultaneously. Your phone will boot in recovery mode. Afterwards, choose Apply Update from SD card menu. It will make your phone to install CWM recovery easily. You can confirm the location of CWM Recovery zip file on the path under SD card. At this rate, you should wipe data. In other words, you will delete all user date. That is why you should backup your data first. You should do the same to other tools including the Marshmallow custom ROM. Let your phone reboot four couple times. In the end, your S5360 Marshmallow Rom is ready with the latest operating system of Android 6.0.


You are now able to use S5360 Marshmallow ROM. It is pretty easy and simple, isn’t it? I hope those instructions are simple enough to make you understand how to install the Marshmallow operating system. Now, your S5360 is ready with the latest Android OS. In other words, you can test some beautiful features of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. One of the remarkable features is battery saver. It will be useful to reduce the battery consumption of your phone.


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