Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Update Mars and Improvements

Have you ever heard about Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime update Mars? It seems that Marshmallow is going to be available for the device soon or later. This is definitely a good news for the device owners because it means that the overall performance of the device will improve – as well as the comfort in operating one. So, what to expect from the new release, after all?

About the Device

Before we are talking about the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime update Mars, let’s take a closer look to the device itself. The Grand Prime from Samsung is basically the inexpensive version from Samsung hat looks like Galaxy Note 4. Being the budget friendly device doesn’t make this device flimsy or lousy, really. Being released at the end of 2014, there has been a pretty good response from the market. Don’t compare it to the Note 4 despite the almost similar design and shape because the price (as well as the specs) are way different.

There have been several updates happening to this line. In September 2015, the Grand Prime got the Lollipop Android 5.1.1 – which means that the update was available within a year after the launch. Unfortunately, it seems that the official Marshmallow updates won’t be happening to this cheaper version of the powerful gadget from Samsung. However, there is always a good chance that a custom ROM update is still likely – although Samsung itself hasn’t confirmed anything about it. On the other hand, rumor has it that Samsung is planning an official update but then again, everything is still rumor and speculation so there is no exact way to tell that such news is true.


Update Marshmallow

Despite the possibility that Samsung may not be providing the updates through the official release, the idea that this device will get updates from other developers is still exciting. Yes, you can try to find the unofficial Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime update Mars from any third party developers – but remember to choose the trusted ones.

After all, updating the device is easy peasy as long as you follow the given directions and steps. Don’t forget to always backup your device so you won’t lose your important data. After all, the Grand Prime has met the requirements for the upgrade (2 GHz for the processor and 2 GB of RAM) so making the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime update Mars should be possible.


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