Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392 Lollipop ROM Tutorial

This is basically a rather old way of updating the device to the Lollipop but there are easy ways to manage Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392 Lollipop ROM by doing the custom installation. Although this is pretty old (considering tha now the current operating system update is the marshmallow), it doesn’t hurt to learn how to update your device to the Lollipop. If you want to, you can later update it to the Marshmallow to experience even the greater easiness and usability.

Galaxy Trend S7392 Lollipop ROM Preparation

You need to always backup your device before starting with the custom ROM. Your battery should also have at least 80% of the battery. Don’t forget to enable the USB debugging feature.


Galaxy Trend S7392 Lollipop ROM Tutorial

So, how do you manage the Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392 Lollipop ROM for your Samsung Galax Trend?

  • You need to download the zip ROM files. Inside the files, you will find ROM part 1,2, and 3. There are some sources that will provide the already zipped files but there are some sources that will provide the links and files in a separate manner. If you do get the latter links, don’t worry. You need to combine all those three parts with the Winrar and then compact them all within the zip format. In case you can’t do it, it is possible that one of the files (or maybe all of them) are corrupted during the download. You can always try to re-download them all again. But then again, it would be helpful if you can find the source providing the already zipped files.
  • Find ROM Manager from the Playstore. Don’t forget to also install the so-called clockwork mod recovery. If you want to, you can use the JRummy Apps ROM Installer. Find one from the Playstore.
  • Connect your PC and your phone via the USB cable and then remove the files to the memory card.
  • Reboot your phone with the ROM Manager and enter the Recovery mode. Choose restore/backup option to backup your data.
  • From the main Recovery menu, perform a total erase data which also includes the Delvik Cache.
  • Go back to the Recovery Principal Menu and go with the option ‘Flash ROM from the SD card’. There will be instructions that you need to follow.
  • Once the installation completes, reboot your device again.
  • Your device is now getting the new Lollipop experience. It’s not so difficult handling the Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392 Lollipop ROM installation, is it?

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