Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392 Update to Lollipop: The Correct Way

What should you do when you want to have Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392 update to Lollipop? Sure, other devices may already have the update and yet you haven’t received any notification on our phone about the availability. And you start to wonder when the Android 5.0 improvement will happen soon for your device. Sure, the update will affect your device and how you use it but you also need to know how to manage the update – including the possibility that you may have to consider other tweaks or options.

How to Update

You need to have the special installer that can do the whole process for you. The installer itself is available in most websites and sources. Make use of the search engine – what good does it make if you have the internet and yet you haven’t made the most of it? Type the Lollipop ROM installer and you will be directed to many websites that you can choose.

When you open and run the installer, you will get a popup window containing message that it will delete any catch, remove the working and current ROM, and then flash the ROM Lollipop to your smarthphone. There is a warning that you should backup your data first. Make sure you do that before beginning the flashing process. Once you have clicked the button ‘Install Lollipop’, you will be given instructions and steps that are easily understood and followed. Make sure that you follow them all to ensure the installation success.

In doing the Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392 update to Lollipop, you are given two options of files, whether you want to do it on your PC and then connect it to your phone OR you can do everything directly from your Android device. You should check for websites that are providing these kinds of two options; not only one. It gives you flexibility and freedom in choosing the type suits your needs. If you choose the one for the PC, the size is 2.5 MB while the one for the Android device is 1.5 MB.


Update to Lollipop Improvement

Naturally, you should expect improvement for the new update. Previous users claim that the battery is longer and the user interface is somewhat smoother. The overall performance is better and more responsive. So, learn the proper way to do the Samsung Galaxy Trend S7392 update to Lollipop and you should be okay!


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