Sony T2 Ultra Marshmallow Update And Download Tips

Sony T2 Ultra Marshmallow Update is available over the air on the users’ device. The ROM allows users to update their device to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. You can use stock ROM from brands or custom ROM from third party to update your device. Updating or flashing device using a new ROM means installing a new operating system to your device. Updating your device allows you to get new Mobile payments feature, Fingerprint support, improved RAM Management, extend battery life with new battery saver feature, smoother calculating process, 64-bit support, enhanced mobile graphics quality, responsive control, realistic visual display, more user friendly control, smart notifications feature, and better protection against malicious software.

Sony T2 Ultra Marshmallow Update Preparation

Before you start updating using your computer, make sure the ADB tool is downloaded and installed into your PC. The ADB tool and the Android SDK can be downloaded from Google’s developer page. Once the SDK is installed, the ADB toll should be properly set up. If you are notified that you have more than one download option, the Bug Fix Update should be installed into your device before you start the Sony T2 Ultra Marshmallow Update.


Sony T2 Ultra Marshmallow Update Installation

Prior updating your device, make sure you know which version of Android your device is running. If you are on the latest version you do not need Sony T2 Ultra Marshmallow Update. You can check it in your device on Android version option and then choose Software information to see the firmware version. Start the Settings menu and scroll down to choose About Phone option. You can also find this option in general section if you have a tabbed settings menu. Visit the Android developer page to find out which version of Android your phone is running. Your device is running Ice Cream Sandwich which is an older version of Android OS if your Android version is 4.0.4.

It is best you connect your device to a Wi-Fi for better connection to search for an update and start installation process. The update file size is large so you also need to download and install Droid Over Wi-Fi tool. Once you have good internet connection, tap on the Software Update option. This will let your device to search available update. When it finds available update, it will prompt you to install update now. You can choose Yes to install the new firmware into your device. You may also install Sony T2 Ultra Marshmallow Update later and choose to download using the computer though this process is a bit complex.


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