Sony Xperia Ion LT28H Update To The Latest Firmware Version

You can perform Sony Xperia Ion LT28H Update to the latest firmware version for your device to improve its performance and appearance. This guide will help you to backup the original firmware customization, unlock and relock the bootloader. Before you start to update your device, you surely want to back up your important data and contact. This is a safety measure in case there is something bad happens during the update so you can always restore the data to the previous state.

Sony Xperia Ion LT28H Update Steps

First, download and install the latest Flashtool and the latest Android ROM for Sony XPERIA Ion LT28h. Extract the XPERIA Flashtool zip file you have downloaded and then copy the ftf file into the Firmware folder. Run the XPERIA Flashtool and choose flash and then browse the downloaded Sony Xperia Ion LT28H Update file and choose OK. It is best you erase all data of your device so give tick on the flashing userdata.sin file checkbox. Make sure you have backed up your personal data to perform clean installation and then you can always restore your personal data. Shut down your device and then connect your device to your computer. It will start update and will be complete in few minutes. Reboot the device and now it runs the new firmware.

Sony Xperia Ion LT28H Update Original Firmware Backup

You surely want to back up your original firmware so you do not lose warranty of your device. First, download Sony PC Companion and then connect your device to computer. In Sony PC Companion, choose Update Your Device. It will ask you to disconnect your device to start downloading firmware. Don’t disconnect your device when the Sony Xperia Ion LT28H Update starts. Cancel the update after the download is complete. Download and install the newest Flashtool. Transfer the files under the name FILE from blob_fs folder in Sony Mobile installation folder to Firmware folder you have extracted from the XPERIA Flashtool file. Start the Flashtool, choose Advanced option, select decrypt files and copy FILE files from blob_fs folder to the right column. Choose OK and wait for the process to complete. Move all files except simlock.ta to the right column. Choose OK your original firmware will be backed up.


Sony Xperia Ion LT28H Update: Unlocking Bootloader

Run Flashtool and choose BLU option. Shut down your device and connect device to your PC while pressing volume down button. Choose Get Unlock Key and you will be taken to Sony Mobile page and then tick all checkboxes on the page. Fill in the IMEI you get from Flashtool to Sony Mobile page and it will send your unlock code. Fill in the unlock key to Flashtool field and now choose Unlock. Connect the device while pressing volume up button and the unlock process will start. Now you can start Sony Xperia Ion LT28H Update.


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