Update Custom ROM For Samsung S5302 Galaxy Y Duos Lite With Metablast

If your Galaxy Y Duos Lite feels slower or you want a different look on the screen, you should consider updating your device. Updating or flashing your device can improve the performance of your device and if you update using Custom ROM For Samsung S5302 you can find the basic look of Android that come from Google. Android version that came with your Samsung has been personalized by the manufacturer to have its specific look and apps installed. If this is what you are looking for, you can follow these steps to update your device. But keep in mind that you should back up your data before installing custom ROM as any damage or errors are at your own risk.

Custom ROM Benefits

After you install custom ROM to your device, there are some benefits you can get. Your device will have Galaxy S5 status bar icons, remove notifications by swiping, Galaxy S3 themed music player, Galaxy S5 dock icons, ICS clock widget, unique Google widget, ICS pattern lock screen, Prerooted function, and Galaxy S5 settings. You will also get the latest Android version for launcher, dialpad, contacts, boot animation, music player, Google search, status bar, and many more. There is no bugs is reported on this ROM so you do not need to worry installing it.


How To Install

Before you start flashing, your device should be on hyperblast v4 or v3 or stock ROM. Download the Custom ROM For Samsung S5302 Zip files and copy them to your SD card. Download and install CWM app. Now turn of your device and enter recovery mode. From the menu, choose Erase data and cache. Choose Mount And Storage and choose Mount everything. Choose Install Zip From SD card. Now choose StockROM Deodex. Once it reboots, enter recovery mode once again.

Run the CWM app and choose Flash hyperblast. Choose Erase cache only and then choose Flash Metablast v1. Reboot your device once again. Now choose flash metablast v3 and then metablast v3.1. Reboot your device. It takes long time flashing new firmware so you have to be patient. Directly flash metablast v3 and v3.1 if you are already on v1 and erase memory and dalvik cache. Directly flash your device without erase data if you’re already in Hyperblast v3 and v4. Once you are complete installing Custom ROM For Samsung S5302, you can enjoy the new look and performance on your GT S5302.


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