How To Update Micromax D321 Becoming Marshmallow OS

How to update Micromax D321 is not an easy one if you do not read this article. As we know, the official Android 6.0 Marshmallow has already been released so far. So, we have also the official custom Rom to make it real. Moreover, this instruction does not require difficult effort and energy. You just need to read the entire article and get what you want, in this case the latest Android operating system. One of the remarkable features is the fingerprint mode that will blow everyone’s mind. Moreover, the Micromax D321 is one of the best Android phones that have good specifications. It is such a waste if we do not test it on this device.

Micromax D321 Custom Rom

At the moment, our instructions of how to update Micromax D321 have no bug yet. So does our custom ROM. For your information, the custom Rom that you will get from this site offers the same features of Marshmallow ROMs. In other words, you are able to taste the sweetness of Android 6.0 on your current Micromax D321. The Marshmallow operating system is just like as sweet as its name. If you do not know what the custom Rom is, it is also called Read-Only Memory. This ROM is very beneficial for some old smartphones that do not have the latest operating system of Google’s Android.

How to Install

The first way how to update Micromax D321 with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you have to download the custom ROMs firstly from our site. Afterwards, you can copy the zip to your SD card of your Micromax 321. Please turn off your phone and boot in Recovery mode. Then, you will see an option “install zip from SD card”. Simply choose it and then pick the zip by choosing “choose zip from SD Card’. In the end, you have to confirm the installation by selecting “yes” option. Wait for a couple minutes until it is complete. Lastly, repeat the first step if you are ready to install GAPPS zip.


That is all the easy way how to update Micromax D321. The Marshmallow operating system is the latest Android OS that will make our phone sweeter than the Lollipop or other predecessors. Although the default operating system of Micromax D321 is not Marshmallow, we are able to make it in very simple and fast ways. Just download our custom ROMs and your problem will be solved easily. Without further ado, click the download button and install to your D321.


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