How to Update Xolo Era 4G to Marshmallow Easy Steps

If you learn about how to update Xolo Era 4G to Marshmallow you can always access different sources and get a lot of useful info. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out; simply choose a method that feels comfy and suitable for your needs. As long as you access the valid source and you follow the directions carefully, you should be able to upgrade your device without compromising its basic functionality.

How to Update Xolo Era 4G to Marshmallow: About the Device

The Xolo Era is basically a quite affordable smartphone with a lot of pretty handy features. The smartphone can help you with your everyday task without you having to dig deeper into your pockets. Xolo Era 4G basically comes with the Lollipop OS but when you upgrade it to the Marshmallow, you can expect a lot of good improvements and usability. After all, upgrading it isn’t complicated or difficult. You can always use the AutoRoot tool to achieve your goal. Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to backup the data first before trying to update he firmware despite its claim to be secure and safe. Read further to know how to update Xolo Era 4G to Marshmallow.


How to Update Xolo Era 4G to Marshmallow: The Steps

These steps are designed to make the process easier. Simply follow them and you should be fine – provided that you follow the steps to the letter.

  • First of all, you need to download the AutoRoot tool and then install it. Make sure that you choose only the latest version. Some of the websites provide the download link.
  • Run the tool on your computer. You should then connect your device through the USB cable. You need to wait for a while before the tool can recognize your device – along with the model and also the version number. In event that your device isn’t immediately detected or recognized, you can set everything manually.
  • If there is a popup on the screen about debugging, click yes. There will probably a notification, ‘Allow for USB debugging?” You should tick the option, ‘Always allow from this computer’ and then proceed wit OK.
  • On the screen, you should see that there are some Android options on the dropdown box. Choose the one that you wish to install. If here isn’t any dropdown option, you can explore the firmware files and choose the one you want.
  • Once you have clicked it, press Start. The process will start and complete on its own; you just have to wait.

That’s it. Your updated version has been upgraded. That’s how to update Xolo Era 4G to Marshmallow easily.


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