How To Upgrade A Sony Xperia P LT22i To 6.0 Version in Easy Ways of Custom ROM

We have the best way how to upgrade a Sony Xperia P LT22i to 6.0 version in this article. As we know, the Android 6.0 update refers to the latest update of Android operating system. It is called as Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This new operating system is very interesting to be tested because Google as the developer of Android always surprises its users every year. Luckily, we want to share about what our team achieved this year. They have found easy way to upgrade your Sony Xperia P in the easiest ways. Without further ado, let us check out them all below.

Custom ROM

how to upgrade a Sony Xperia P LT22i to 6.0 version is by using custom ROM. For your information, ROM stands for Read-Only Memory, which is manufactured by a company or third-party. The benefit of custom ROM is that you are able to get the latest update like Android Operating System without waiting from the manufacturer of your phone. To get the Marshmallow update, you have to do a thing called flashing new ROM. It means that you will install a new OS for your Android. Let us go to the steps or instructions for flashing new ROM for your Sony Xperia P LT22i below.

Marshmallow Features

Before getting the easiest way of how to upgrade a Sony Xperia P LT22i to 6.0 version, you have to know some new features of Android Marshmallow firstly. This year, Google gives all Android users with a new Mobile payment method, which is called as Android Pay. Secondly, this new operating system also offers better RAM management that became frustrating all android users recently. In addition, the new OS also becomes faster and smoother than the Lollipop version. Thanks to Google because they have given us fingerprint support just like other modern brands. This manufacturer also remembers increasing the battery performance up to ninety minutes.


Now, this is the first step how to upgrade a Sony Xperia P LT22i to 6.0 version. You must check the current version of your Android Os firstly. Make sure you have the latest version of Android OS, which is version 5.0 Lollipop. After that, connect to a Wi-Fi connection that is available on your coverage. Wi-Fi connection is more stable than using the data connection of your phone. Simply click on the Software Update on the general info of your Android. At last, you will see the update available and confirm it by using yes button.


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