Vivo V1 Marshmallow Update Guide You Need To Know

This article will help you understand how to perform Vivo V1 Marshmallow Update. Updating your Android is easy but there are many users do not know how to do it. You will be suggested the backup of your data so you do not have to worry losing your data as this upgrade is very safe. Debuted in 2015, Vivo V1 is a remarkable phone that comes with the high-end specs though it is running the older Android version. If you want your Vivo V1 runs the latest Marshmallow Android version, you can follow this step to upgrade to the new version.

Vivo V1 Marshmallow Update Preparation

Before performing the Vivo V1 Marshmallow update process, make sure you perform several steps to ensure the update runs smoothly. First, you will need to root your your vivo V1 device before updating the OS. Before you try this Vivo V1 Marshmallow Update tutorial, you need to download and install AutoRoot Tool for your computer in order to perform update easily. You can easily find this tool on the internet. You will also need to prepare a USB data cable to connect your Vivo V1 to your computer. Run the tool to root your phone. AutoRoot is a really user-friendly and versatile tool to help your root your device. Make sure you download and install the latest version of the tool on your computer. Run the tool and choose Root Device on the menu and follow the steps shown on the screen. Once you have rooted your device, proceed to the next steps.


Vivo V1 Marshmallow Update Steps

Once you have rooted your device using your computer and data cable prepared nearby, you can start the AutoRoot tool and connect your device. On the phone screen, a pop-up will appear. Tap OK to confirm and on the computer screen, choose Always Allow From This Computer option. On the screen, you will be given a list of the Android OS version you can choose to install. Choose Android Marshmallow. Confirm the installation by tapping Start button. Wait for the progress to complete. Now the phone has been updated and is running the latest OS. Make sure you follow all the steps carefully and enjoy the new performance increase and look on your Vivo V1. It is simple and easy updating the Android OS on your Vivo V1. If you follow the steps, you will be able to install the Vivo V1 Marshmallow Update without any issue or problem.


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