Vivo V1 Update Marshmallow 6.0.1: How to Upgrade Your Device

You can use AutoRoot tools to upgrade your device with Vivo V1 Update Marshmallow 6.0.1. It is safe and secure to update using this step, back up your personal data prior installation is a good idea.

Vivo V1 Update Marshmallow Step By Step Upgrade

Download and Install the newest version of AutoRoot tool. Start AutoRoot Tools on your computer and then use USB data cable to connect your device to the computer. The AutoRoot Tools will identify your Vivo V1 device in a few minute and then it can start installation. If AutoRoot does not recognize your device automatically, you may need to select Vivo V1 in the list of the device manually. On the Vivo V1 screen, you will be prompted to allow USB debugging. You should choose Always Allow From This Computer Option and then choose OK.

From the dropdown menu, choose the available Android OS version that you want to install into your device. It is also possible for you to browse a compatible firmware file that you have downloaded before. Confirm the Vivo V1 Update Marshmallow process by clicking the Start key. The process will start and will complete in a few minute. When done, now your device has been successfully updated.


Vivo V1 Update Marshmallow Alternative Update Method

There is another method to install firmware update for your device. There is no risk you will get your warranty void as the ROM is official. You just need to download the ROM and install it to your device using this easy tutorial. This ROM has no known bug for now you can send report to the development team if you find any bug or error. So make sure you only download and install the latest Vivo V1 Update Marshmallow version to ensure you get the fixed version of Marshmallow ROMs for your smartphone. Download this ROM and it will allow your device to run smoothly and experience the latest technology offered by Google.

Once you have downloaded the zip packages (it may consist of several parts), transfer them the SD Card of the device. Turn of your device and enter Recovery mode. From the menu, select Install Zip From SD Card. Now tap Choose Zip From SD Card and then browse the ROM zip package from the SD card. Tap Yes to start the installation process. When the process is done, start the GAPPS zip package installation using the same steps as the above. Wait for the GAPPS installation to complete and then reboot your phone. The first boot process may take up to 20 minutes. Now your device is running Vivo V1 Update Marshmallow.


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