Vivo Y51L Marshmallow Update Download And installation Tutorial

The Vivo Y51L device is a great Android smartphone that features 2GB of RAM memory, 16GB of internal storage, a 1.2GHz quad core processor, a 5 megapixel front and 8 megapixels rear camera. This smartphone runs Android 5.0.2 Lollipop when it was released for the first time. If you want your device to run the latest Android OS, you can perform Vivo Y51L Marshmallow Update Download and installation by reading this article. This guide is safe and easy as long as you follow the steps carefully. This stock ROM is an official firmware that can be downloaded and installed into your phone fast and easy.

Vivo Y51L Marshmallow Update Download Requirements

Before you can start updating your device, there are some requirements you need to perform to ensure the installation runs secured and smooth. First, you need to download the Stock Rom files and USB drivers for your device. You also need to fully charge your Vivo Y51L and provide a fast internet connection.

Vivo Y51L Marshmallow Update Download And Update

Once you have performed all the requirements necessary, you can start updating process. First, restart your Vivo Y51L device. A notification will appear and tell you that an Android 6.0 marshmallow update is ready and whether you want to download or not. Choose agree to start update. You can manually perform Vivo Y51L Marshmallow Update Download if the update does not appear. Just tap Setting on the device, tap About Phone and tap Search For Update. Wait for your device searching for update. If update is available, you can choose to download it. It is best for you to use Wi-Fi connection to perform update.


Vivo Y51L Marshmallow Update Download And Installation Using Tool

You can also use QPST tool to update your device. Download and install this tool into your computer. Make sure you have the drivers for your device installed on the computer. Now connect your device to your computer. Run QPST. Click Configuration, choose Add new port, and choose the com port of your phone and then close the tool. Now run QPST eMMC Software Download and then choose Check program boot loaders and then choose the proper com port for your phone. Click Load XML def and then search for rawprogram_unsparse.xml file in ROM folder. Next, choose Load Patch def and search for patch0.xml file. Now click the Download key to start the Vivo Y51L Marshmallow Update Download. Once the process is complete, your device is successfully updated.


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