Xolo Era 4G Software Update and the Easy Process

The news about Xolo Era 4G software update is definitely a good thing, considering that the updates allow users like you to enjoy the smartphone better and more convenient – not to mention that there will be more easiness and features that can be enjoyed. So, what should you know about the update, anyway?

Xolo Era 4G Software Update: The Special Feature

What to expect from this smartphone, anyhow? Well, before we are talking about the Xolo Era 4G software update, we should probably discuss a little about the mobile phone itself. The Xolo Era 4G  is following the footstep of the original Xolo Era that has been sold at around 150,000 units in the Snapdeal. It now supports the VoLTE technology that will improve speed and performance. The phone itself is coming with HD 5-inch IPS display and Gorilla Glass for improved protection. With Quad-Core 1.5 GHz processor at 1 GB RAM and internal memory reaching 8GB (which you can expand to 32GB with the memory card),this dual-SIM phone is pretty promising with quite a decent powerful performance. The phone was launched with the Lollipop Android and it can be improved to the Marshmallow.

Xolo Era 4G Software Update News

The fact about the Era Xolo 4G updated feature to the Android Marshmallow is fun and exciting. The implementation for the update is pretty easy as you only need to follow some of the basic steps of ‘Go to Settings’ and then choose ‘About Phone’. Then you only need to choose ‘Software Update’.


So, what can you expect from the Xolo Era 4G software update, anyway? The UI changes will be available and so are speed optimization, big fix, and also stability improvement. If you want to, you can also enjoy battery Doze saving feature that would put the smartphone’s background in the hibernate mode when it is on a standby routine.

Xolo Era 4G Software Update and How to Do It

So, if you are thinking about updating the phone, how would you do it? You can use the AutoRoot tool and you should download it first. Be sure to use the latest version. And what to do next?

  • Run the tool and then connect the phone via the USB cable. The tool should be able to detect the phone. If it doesn’t happen, you can choose the manual setting.
  • Choose the firmware file that is compatible with the phone.
  • Click the ’Start’ button and let the process finish on its own.
  • That’s it. With the Xolo Era 4G software update, enjoy the new easiness and features.



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