Xolo Era 4G Update Download: The Different Alternatives

There are several alternatives for Xolo Era 4G update download. Even with the slim possibility that the device may get an official Marshmallow update, you can still enjoy the overall experience of the new Marshmallow with some of these alternatives. It may take an extra effort on your part but it is always worth a shot.

Xolo Era 4G Update Download Concern

Although Xolo may hope to get the official update, the reality can be unfair and quite hurtful, really. Xolo is a pretty decent device and with the Marshmallow, it is expected that the performance will increase drastically. That’s why most of the users are hoping that they can still get various alternatives for the Xolo Era 4G update download.

Xolo Era 4G Update Download and the Custom ROM Option

If you want to have a custom ROM option for the Xolo Era 4G update download, you can always do it easily. Here are some steps to do it:

  • Backup your data – if possible, all of your important data
  • Copy and keep the needed zip files consisting of the ROM and GAPPS files. They should be available for the installation so make sure that you have downloaded them.
  • Reboot your device and then enter the Recovery mode.
  • Once you are in the Recovery mode, you should see the option ‘Install zip files from SD Card’. Choose that option.
  • You should see ‘Choose zip files from SD Card’ and go with the ROM files first.
  • Confirm the installation by pressing the button yes.
  • After the installation is done, repeat the same process for the GAPPS files. Wait until the installation completes.
  • Reboot your device again. Wait for the startup screen to show up. It may take a while – sometimes up o 20 minutes.
  • Your device is ready and you can use the Marshmallow experience with the greater joy and function.


Xolo Era 4G Update Download and Launcher

In the event that you aren’t comfortable with the custom ROM method, you can always choose the launcher. Managing the launcher is pretty easy. You only need to download the Marshmallow launcher from the Playstore and then install it in your device. You don’t need to connect your phone with any PC or whatsoever – you can do everything with your own device. Once you have downloaded and installed the APK, your device will get the same experience like the ones getting the official Marshmallow. For some people, this way is easier and simpler. And most importantly, they don’t have to deal with any rooting or custom ROM system for the Xolo Era 4G update download.


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