Xolo Era 4G Update Package and How to Manage It

You are going to need Xolo Era 4G update package if you are going to update your phone to the newest Marshmallow operating system. Basically, any download or upgrade of the device is just the same – you have the options to go with the official launch or have a custom download. Anything will do as long as you follow the directions carefully to the letter.

Xolo Era 4G Update Package: The Expected Performance

The Xolo Era 4G itself is a pretty decent device. Of course, you can’t really expect it to do anything marvelous or grandeur but for a standard and regular smartphone experience, this device is pretty much okay. With the Xolo Era 4G update package, however, you can even expect a better improvement for your device.

Mind you, though, that the possibility to get the official Marshmallow update is pretty slim but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get your hands on the new update. There is always the custom ROM download and installation method that you can try. But if you are going to try this, remember to always backup all of your data before proceeding with the process. And be sure that you get the link from credible sources.


Xolo Era 4G Update Package Download Management

As it was mentioned before, dealing with the Xolo Era 4G update package is pretty simple as long as you are familiar with the steps and you follow the directions carefully. Here are the things you should do:

  • There will be ROM zip packages containing ROM part 1 and part 2 as well as other GAPPS zip package
  • You should copy those packages to your memory card
  • Turn off your device and enter the phone’s Recovery mode
  • There will be an option for ‘Install zip from SD Card’, press on it.
  • There will be another option for ‘Choose zip from SD Card’ and you should find the previously copied packaged
  • Once you are asked about the installation confirmation, go with yes.
  • When it has completed, you should repeat the step 4 and 5 – this one of the GAPPS package
  • Once the GAPPS folder is soundly installed, you should reboot the phone. The startup screen should appear any minute now. Don’t worry if you have to wait for a while – it is pretty normal. Sometimes you even have to wait for 20 minutes.

Once the startup screen appears, now you can activate your phone and see how improved it has become. It’s not so hard to manage the Xolo Era 4G update package, is it?


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