Xolo Era Marshmallow Update and How to Manage the Download

There are a lot of information and reliable sources if you are looking for the newest methods and ways for Xolo Era Marshmallow update. It seems that Marshmallow has been a trending topic these days because a lot of people (including developers and enthusiasts) are talking about it. Basically, the updating method is almost the same although there ARE some different ways and methods. If you are using the official method, that’s good – pat yourself on the back. But if you are using the custom ROM or flash method, there are also other alternatives that you can try. The options are various, really.

Xolo Era Marshmallow Update: What to Expect

When we are talking about an upgrade or an update from a device or an operating system, we are expecting an improvement in the performance and quality of operation, right? Well, the same thing also happens to Xolo Era, one of the budget-friendly devices designed and created for those with limited budgets. And with the updates, there are going to be new improvement and updates, such as faster operation, clearer image, and more responsive performance.

Xolo Era Marshmallow Update: How to Manage the Download

Don’t worry about your device’s warranty or such thing alike because the custom ROM update is pretty official and valid. So far, there hasn’t been any issue or complain but in the event that you encounter any bug problem or other operational issues, feel free to report it. Don’t forget that you should always backup your device so your precious data will remain secured and intact. Follow the easy steps of Xolo Era Marshmallow update provided below.


The steps to follow are:

  • You should copy the zip packages files containing ROM part 1 and also 2 in your SD card
  • Turn off your smartphone and enter the Recovery mode
  • Once you are in the Recovery mode, choose the option ‘Install zip from SDCard’
  • Click on the option ‘Choose zip from SDCard’ and then located the zip ROM package
  • Once you have done it, you will be given an option for the installation. To confirm it, simply click ‘yes’
  • This file is done. Now you should repeat the steps from 3 to 5 for the zip GAPPS package
  • When the process completes, you need to reboot the phone. Wait until the startup screen appears. Don’t worry if it takes a while – sometimes it takes about 20 minutes. See? It’s not hard to deal with the Xolo Era Marshmallow update.

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