Xolo Era Software Update To Android Marshmallow Tutorial

This tutorial will help you to perform Xolo Era Software Update to Android Marshmallow using AutoRoot tools. It is safe and easy flashing Firmware on XOLO Era, but back up your important data first is a good precaution. Charging your battery to full is also recommended as running out battery during update may cause damage to your device. In order for your computer to be able to detect your device, make sure you download and install the driver of your device as you will need to connect both. Follow these steps carefully to install software update for Xolo Era.

Xolo Era Software Update To Android Marshmallow Step By Step

Before beginning flashing your device with Xolo Era Software Update, you need to download and Install the latest version of AutoRoot Tools into your computer. Start AutoRoot Tools on your computer and then connect it to your device to computer using USB data cable. It will take a few second for AutoRoot Tools to detect your XOLO Era device. If your device is not detected automatically, you can manually set your device by choosing XOLO Era device from the list. On your XOLO Era screen, there will be a popup appears asking for Allow USB debugging. Choose to always allow from this computer and then choose OK.


Now choose the available Android OS version you wish to install from the dropdown menu. Since you want to update to the latest version of Android, you can choose the Marshmallow version. If your preferred version is not on the list or you want different version of Android, you can choose to download a compatible Xolo Era Software Update firmware file and choose it from the Browse option. To execute the installation process, you can press the Start button, and the process will begin immediately. The update process will take a few minute to complete. When it is done, reboot your XOLO Era device and wait a few minute while the system makes change.

If you install using custom ROM, you might experience bootloop when your device keeps booting repeatedly. If this is the case, you need to install recovery tool into your device to fix this issue. Custom ROM usually does not come with Google apps such as Google Play Store or Gmail. You can install them by installing Gapps file in the recovery mode. Once you see the homescreen appears on the device, you have successfully installed the Xolo Era Software Update to Android Marshmallow.


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