Xolo Era Update Lollipop Download: How to Manage It Correctly

Some of the most recent news are about the Marshmallow but what if you want to know about Xolo Era update Lollipop download? You probably don’t want to know about it if you already have the Lollipop but what if you haven’t? Then knowing how to upgrade your smartphone to the Lollipop should be a great idea.

Xolo Era Update Lollipop Download: The Improved Expectation

When you want to manage the Xolo Era update Lollipop download, of course, there are some expected improvement on the performance and ability of the device. Features will be improved and so is the performance. For instance the performance is faster and more responsive. The battery can last longer, even up to 90 minutes. The overall computing experience will be better with smoother and also faster quality. In short, you will love the new improvement and update.

Xolo Era Update Lollipop Download Preparation

Before starting with the Xolo Era update Lollipop download with custom ROM method, there are some important things to note:

  • Be sure that the battery is at least 80%
  • Properly backup everything, including your important data
  • Always allow USB debugging. If your phone has one, activates it.
  • In the event that your phone is stuck while booting during the installation, you can wipe Dalvik and cache partiion before rebooting.


Xolo Era Update Lollipop Download to Version 5.0

Managing the download and upgrade isn’t that difficult, really, as long as you know how to manage everything.

  • You should download the special Lollipop Android 5.0 ROM from the reliable and trusted source
  • You can install ROM Manager in your phone. You can find one from Google PlayStore. You should also ROM Installer or clockwork mod recovery app from JRumm Apps Inc.
  • You should connect the phone and the PC through USB cable. Copy the ROM zip to the SD Card
  • Restart your device. Enter the Recovery Mode with the ROM Manager. Go to ROM Manager and backup your data with the available option
  • Still in the Recovery Menu, wipe a total erase for the data, including the Delvik Cache. After you are done, go to Recover Principal Menu. Press the option ‘Flash ROM from SD Card’. Navigate the location where you cop the ROM zip file. There should be directions about installing the Lollipop 5.0 in your device.
  • Once your installation is done, you can reboot the phone. Your phone is just upgraded to the new Lollipop 5.0. It’s not hard to manage the Xolo Era update Lollipop download, right?

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