Xolo Era X Marshmallow Update Download: How to Manage It

A lot of people are probably wondering about how to manage the Xolo Era X Marshmallow update download, while in reality, the process isn’t that difficult. You don’t have to own a technical skills or background to manage everything. You don’t have to go to the professional to handle the installation. As long as you come to the right source and you access the process correctly, you can manage everything on your own without harming your smartphone. Really, managing the system is easier than before.

Xolo Era X Marshmallow Update Download and the Common Problem

The common problem with the Marshmallow isn’t about the functionality or the performance but about the availability for the official release. Yes, the Marshmallow will improve the performance of the device’s operating system but unfortunately, it isn’t available for all smartphones; let alone the smartphones from countries who have just recently made the products. Even with world class names like Samsung or Sony, not all of their variants are getting the official updates. It is probably logical if you can’t really expect to get the official Xolo Era X Marshmallow update download.

Xolo Era X Marshmallow Update Download: How to

If you follow these easy steps of Xolo Era X Marshmallow update download, you can improve your device without having to worry about anything – not even harming or endangering your device.

  • First of all, you need to have a special tool for the installation. Be sure to download AutoRoot Tools and then install it in your PC. Make sure that you choose only the latest version.
  • Run the AutoRoot Tools and then connect it to your smartphone through the USB cable. The Tools need some times to recognize your device (including the type and the version number) so you just need to wait. In case your PC can’t detect the smartphone automatically, choose the manual setting.
  • There will be pop up screen and you will be asked ‘Allow USB debugging?’ Choose the option ‘Always allow from this computer’ and press OK.
  • You should see a dropdown box with various of OS Android versions there. Choose the operating system that you want.
  • Once you choose ‘Start’, the process will start. You have to wait until it completes
  • Once it is done, your device will be updated to the latest version. If you want to, you can reboot your device to make sure that it is operating smoothly.

As you can see, managing the Xolo Era X Marshmallow update download isn’t that hard, is it?


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