Xolo Era X Marshmallow Update: Smartly Managing the Update

Once you have managed the Xolo Era X Marshmallow update for your device, not only you can get various easiness and improvement in using your phone, you can also get a wider access to many of the handy apps. Yes, the update will increase the performance of the device as well as your chances to enjoy the useful and fully functional apps. After all, what good does a phone is without the apps?

The Various Options

You need to remember that not all devices will get the newest update for the Marshmallow but you don’t need to worry as you can always get the custom ROM alternative. You see, there are some developers out there working on the update for the Marshmallow. They want to make sure that all of the different phone users all over the world can get the same chance to enjoy the Marshmallow. Although their Marshmallow version isn’t the official one, you can be sure that it is totally functional and useful – just like the real operating system.

In the event that you can’t find the official Xolo Era X Marshmallow update option for your phone, know that there are several alternatives that you can try to improve your phone’s operating system and performance.

How to Manage the Installation

If you have decided to custom ROM your Xolo Era X Marshmallow update, be sure to always backup your data first to prevent loss and minimize risks.  Then you can copy the needed files for the Marshmallow update, which consists of the zip ROM files and the GAPPS file. In the ROM files, there will be part 1 and 2 so they shouldn’t be separated.  Copy them in your SD Card and then turn off your phone.

Enter the Recovery mode in your phone and choose the option ‘Install zip files from SD Card’. Then you will see another option of ‘Choose zip files from SD Card’. Choose the ROM file that you have saved before and answer ‘yes’ for the installation confirmation. Once this process is done, you should choose the GAPPS file. Answer ‘yes’ again and wait. Once it completes, you can reboot your phone. Wait for the startup screen to show and you are done.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult or complicated about this installation method, right? But don’t rush thing and be sure that you choose only the right link for your Xolo Era X Marshmallow update to be running successfully.


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