Xolo Era X Official Update Stock ROM

If you want to get a new fresh look and improved performance from your current device, you can try installing Xolo Era X Official Update. This stock ROM will allow you to get the latest Android version in your older smartphone. Here is the step-by-step to update your phone.

Xolo Era X Official Update Preparation

Before you can perform this update process, there are some requirements you need to perform in order for the process to run smooth and safe. First, make sure you have the USB driver for your device installed on your computer. Provide more space on your phone’s internal storage as the ROM file use up large room. The Xolo Era X Official Update process will take long time so make sure you have your battery fully charged. You need a USB data cable to connect your phone to the computer. You can use the charging cable that came with your phone. This update process is safe but there may be bugs and errors so you should understand that all risk is at your own responsibility. Flashing may break your phone warranty.

Installing Xolo Era X Official Update ROM Using Upgrade Tool

First, download the ROM file and extract it. Download and install Upgrade tool or Factory tool on your computer and connect your mobile device to your computer. Run the tool and choose Load packet. Choose add the .pac and then press Start button. The update will start and your phone will reboot automatically. Now you have updated your device.

Installing Xolo Era X Official Update Using Autoroot Tool

You can also update your Android phone by download and install the latest version of AutoRoot tool on your computer. Once the tool is installed, run it and connect your device to computer using USB data cable. AutoRoot should detect your device automatically. If not, you can manually set your device on the phone. Once connected to your computer, on the phone screen, you will be prompted to Allow USB debugging. Choose Always allow from this computer. You will see a list of available Android OS version available to choose. If you have downloaded a compatible firmware ROM, you can choose this version instead. Tap the Start button to begin the installation process. Just sit and relax while the process to complete. It may take a few minute to finish so be patient. Once the Xolo Era X Official Update process is complete, your phone now runs the latest Android firmware.


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