ZTE Grand X Quad V987 Android 6.0 Tips and Tricks for Beginner Users

Looking for ZTE Grand X Quad V987 Android 6.0? You are in the house. Good news for those who use ZTE Grand X Quad V987. You can now update this phone to the latest operating system, which is just released by Google. It is called Marshmallow. There are plenty of notable features that make this operating system is the finest Android OS. We of course have a problem with the RAM management on the previous OS. Google has fixed it all now on the Android 6.0. As a result, there is no more doubt to test and install this operating system to our phone. So, check out this article.

Android 6.0 Features

Not all of you may know the features of ZTE Grand X Quad V987 Android 6.0. That is why we elaborate them one by one in this section. As we said earlier, this OS offers better Ram management. One of the notable one is about the Android Pay. This is the first mobile payment platform that has ever been seen on Android. Of course, it is similar with the toughest rival, Apple Pay. The next feature is fingerprint identification. You won’t allow unexpected person to see your phone, will you? This fingerprint is a good example of better security in Android operating system. Last but not least, better RAM management forces smoother and powerful computing experience for the Marshmallow users.

Before Trying new custom ROM

Of course, you won’t mess up your first attempt in installing ZTE Grand X Quad V987 Android 6.0. Here are several things to do before you try to install it. The number one thing is about backing up your personal data. The data will be deleted before you flashing the device. Save them all if something is going wrong on your phone. Secondly, the battery charge should be eighty percent. Without enough power, the process can be changed easily and even corrupted. Last but not least, download some recovery tools like ROM manager, etc.

How to Install

We start the first step of ZTE Grand X Quad V987 Android 6.0 by downloading the ROM from our site. After that, put those files into a single folder and save it on the SD card of your phone. Ensure you have remembered the path of the folder. Do recovery setup on the ROM manager. If you do not have it, you can boot your device manually by pressing power button and volume up together. Once you have booted on recovery mode, wipe all the current ROM and install the new one through the path that you have remembered before. Have a nice Marshmallow ROM now.


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