ZTE Q705u Marshmallow Free Download and Simple Tutorial

Lucky for you who want to install ZTE Q705u Marshmallow free download. I have found the best ROM that you can use for your ZTE Q705. Now, you are able to update this device to the newest operating system in Android, Marshmallow. This Android OS 6.0 also offers many beneficial features that increase the performance of your device. Faster and smoother user interface is what we are talking about here. As we know, ZTE Q7050u is not a new device anymore. This phone was released couple years ago, which seems outdated these days. Do not worry about that. I will show how to install it too in this article.

About Marshmallow

Talking about ZTE Q705u Marshmallow free download, you should know the features of this custom ROM. For your information, this new Android Marshmallow has battery saver feature that will provide longer power of your phone. Based on users’ experiences, the OS is able to give more than 120 minutes battery life surely. In addition, your device will also be faster and smoother. Thanks to the developer that offers better RAM management and memory. This OS will remove unnecessary background apps and keep making smoother interface for the users. Overall, the Marshmallow custom ROM provides many benefits and advantages so far.

Important Aspects

There are many important aspects that you should prepare before installing ZTE Q705u Marshmallow free download. Of course, your data is the primary thing here. For your information, the installation process requires factory reset. It means all data will be removed or erased. Move your current data to another device or SD card. The secondary aspect is the battery power. Based on my experience, the installation process is very long. It takes fifteen to thirty minutes for installation. That is why you should prepare it at least eighty percent.


You must click on ZTE Q705u Marshmallow free download firstly and save the files to the SD card of your phone. Please do not extract the zip package because you can install it through recovery mode. Then, open Play Store and search ROM manager. This tool will make your installation easier because you are able set the recovery mode through it. In addition, it will be easier to back up your current data too. After you boot in recovery mode, it is time to erase or wipe out all current data or stock ROM. Your data will be erased including the official firmware. Then, flash the new custom ROM on the recovery menu.


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